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What to Look for in a Wedding Videographer

Wedding videography may not be a new thing, but we are loving the trend of more and more couples adding talented videographers to their wedding vendor team.

Videography is an investment, one that we think is worth it if you have the budget. After all is said and done, your wedding photos and video are what you have to help you relive your special day.

To help you find your ideal wedding videographer, we’ve put together a some things for your to consider:

Someone who comes recommended

Seeking recommendations is a great way to start your research. If videography is not done well, it can feel like a wasted expense so it’s important to do your homework prior to hiring a videographer. Be sure to check out online reviews and personal references of past clients; speaking directly with someone who has worked with a particular videographer can prove invaluable. Above all, make sure to watch a handful of their wedding videos to ensure you love their work.

After all is said and done, your wedding photos and video are what you have to help you relive your special day.

After all is said and done, your wedding photos and video are what you have to help you relive your special day.

Someone whose style jives with yours

Whether they shoot documentary style or more cinematic, you want to be sure the videographer you're working with has a well-developed look and feel to their work that appeals to your sense of style.

A videographer who can work well with your photographer

Since photographers and videographers work in tandem, consider asking your photographer for any recommendations.  Knowing they already have good chemistry and have previously worked together can make a big difference. If they haven’t, that’s okay, but it’s important they have a chance to meet beforehand.  

A professional who knows his or her limits

It’s tricky for a single videographer to capture every angle, every kiss, and every tear of joy (especially when the Bride and Groom get ready in different rooms) so it can make a big difference to arrange for a second shooter and/or assistant to help manage the equipment, schedule, and shot list.  


A videographer who plans ahead

Most videographers know how to find the lighting and angles in any given room, but if they are familiar with a location it will be advantageous.  

A videographer who scouts the locations and gets to know you a bit as a couple prior to the wedding day is the kind of specialist you want.

Someone with a calming personality

A wedding videographer will be following you around with a camera on the most important day of your life so it’s important that the vendors you’re surrounded by are people you feel comfortable with.  A videographer with good energy and a sense of calm will be welcome on what can be a long, emotional day.

Great communication

You want to partner with a company who keeps an open line of communication.  A top-notch company will keep in contact with you throughout your engagement - answering any questions, getting to know your other vendors, and understanding the “must-haves” for your wedding video.  They will work to understand your dream wedding, and how best to capture it. Most notably, your videographer should be specific from the time of booking about when you can expect to receive and when you can expect it.


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