AirVu Media & Your Tourism-Driven BuSIness

The AirVu Media approach to tourism marketing and sales starts at the foundation of how humans consume information and make purchase decisions. From brand awareness to marketing automation to closing deals (bookings) into revenue; our method brings together the strategy and tactics driving measurable growth for your tourism-driven business.

STEP 1: Drive traffic

AirVu Media knows how to drive web traffic. We get eyes on your company/brand using a targeted, multichannel approach combining paid media and social content marketing.


Today’s buyer is no longer dependent on salespeople for information to make a purchase decision. Their buying journey is complex, and the content that helps move them through the sales funnel from awareness (of a problem), to consideration (of solutions), to decision (of what solution to buy) needs to be expertly honed and perfectly timed - making sure that leads are not forgotten and opportunities are not missed.

Video content is a key element in the nurturing stage resulting in stronger consumer attention, engagement, higher retention rates, stronger emotional connection, and increased conversions.


Nurturing visitors through a crafted funnel is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to convert strangers into customers and eventual promoters of your business.

We don’t stop at driving traffic or even leads, we help organizations close the loop with sales strategy and technology turning deal opportunities into revenue. Our process improves the efficiency of sales teams resulting in measurable impact - otherwise known as - revenue.


Each campaign is custom developed by crafting high quality video content with the specific objective of converting a potential lead into a customer. In an impersonal digital world, we’re craving connection and personality… video delivers this.



Our most recent campaign had an objective to increase our client’s social online engagement and following. We created a video campaign and distributed this via our methodology - drive, nurture, convert.

The result was we increased their engagement on facebook by over 3000% and increased the page following by 136% within 2 weeks!

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 11.23.19 AM.png


YOUR Results:

We don't set out to just make beautiful videos, or even simply to tell a great story. We set out to combine both those things with a direct effort to increase profits and bring measurable results. We use video to solve problems.  

Here are your results:

  1. More Relevant Website Traffic

  2. Higher Conversion Rates

  3. More Qualified Leads

  4. A Shorter Sales Cycle

  5. Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

  6. Better Customer Retention and Higher Customer Lifetime Value

We will work with you to determine your KPIs and to ensure return on your investment.